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Howick High and Pre-Primary are Water Explorer Warriors

Howick High and Pre-Primary are Water Explorer Warriors

March is National Water Month – Local Water Explorer teams get started with a flood of activities

Howick PrePrimary celebrated Wetlands Day and the launch of Water Month March with the building of a pond on the premises

Howick Pre-primary’s water explorers have taken the current water situation very seriously. Efforts to ensure their young learners are aware of water issues remain very much in the classroom. In celebration of World Wetlands month in February, the school highlighted the plight of wetlands and frogs and invited all their families and friends for an action packed evening of frogging at the Impangele wetland on the Umgeni River. Children and their parents learned interesting facts about frogs and even tried to out-jump the South African Sharp-nosed frog’s world-record-holding jump, of 3.34m, more than 44 times the length of its body! The rest of the evening was spent ‘frogging”, while not too many frogs were found, they were definitely heard! The calls of Guttural toads, Striped River frogs and Painted Reed frogs filled the drizzly evening air. Inspired by frogs, the school marked the start of Water month March, by building a pond at the entrance of their school, which will no doubt, attract frogs, birds and insects to the school grounds, not to mention lots of curious small children.

For water month, Howick High, currently one of SA’s top Water Explorer teams, have geared themselves up to become water custodians of the Umgeni River. They have started monitoring the water quality of the river at two sites in the Umgeni River conservancy. Both sites indicated that the water quality was indeed very poor. They attributed this to the very low water level due to the impoundment of water in Midmar dam which impacts heavily on the eco-systems of the river. They plan to document these results and present a short report to Umgeni water on how having very little release affects the ecosystems downstream and hence the quality of water too.
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