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Houston’s Dusi Charge

Scientific approach hoping to help Houston’s Dusi charge

Pietermaritzburg – As the rains start to make a decided difference to river levels across KwaZulu-Natal, paddlers from all over are honing their skills during a busy few month period with FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon podium contender Andrew Houston sharpening up his preparations as he builds towards the tough K1 Dusi outing from 16-18 February.

The Euro Steel star has been mixing it up with the big boys of the river marathon scene for a few seasons and realised that he was able to compete with the best if he prioritised his preparation and took a more clinical look at how he built up for races.

“When I was younger I didn’t really put a lot of effort into preparing for races and it would mean that I didn’t understand why I was so tired!” the laid back KZN Midlands local mentioned.

Andrew Houston
Following his strong fifth place finish at the 2015 FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon, Euro Steel’s Andrew Houston is hoping that a more clinical approach to the race will help him replicate, if not better his last K1 result at the three-day adventure from 16-18 February.

“Bianca (Haw) has had a coach that has been helping her with her training on her bike and I have been using those elements to help me in my preparation. There has been a really serious mindset shift from me and I am working really hard towards the Dusi.”

Houston, who finished fifth in the last K1 Dusi in 2015, has been hampered by illness recently and having been under the weather for the better part of three weeks his training regime would have taken quite a severe hit.

“I definitely had an eye on getting a podium this year at the Dusi but after getting sick towards the end of last year I think that a top five will be a more reasonable goal.

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