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Home remedies: Fly control and surface cleaner

Pictures: Garth Johnstone

During these straitened times, when we need to use what we have at hand instead of relying on supermarkets for everything, a bit of innovation and knowledge sharing can definitely come in handy.

Two recommended “home remedies” we have tried lately have worked out pretty well, so we thought we’d share them with you.

The first is a general kitchen surface cleaner, which is really easy to make and can substitute for something bought at the store.

This was recommended by our son’s fiancée Chante.

What you need are citrus peels, white vinegar and a spray bottle… to cut down costs repurpose a bottle you’ve used in the garden but which has become redundant or neglected. Most of us have a bottle of vinegar hanging about that needs to be used up.

So here’s how it goes:

Collect citrus peels from fruit you’ve been eating (I used lemons and oranges) and store in a jar;
When the jar is full-ish cover with white vinegar;
Cover the jar and let it sit for two-to-three weeks;
You can add some water at this stage if you want (we didn’t);
Strain the liquid, place in a spray bottle and, voila, you’re good to go.
(We use to clean kitchen counter tops, wipe down the stove, etc)

The second trick was recommended by a follower on Facebook, and we’re grateful, because his tactic to discourage the frikkin flies that have been plaguing us since summer began really does help.

Here’s how it goes:

Get a couple lemons and cut them in half;
Raid the spice rack for some cloves, insert into the lemons (push them into the fruit);
Place the lemon halves around the area you are working, cooking, reading, whatever;
You will find you will definitely have some temporary relief.

**Send us your recommendations for useful home remedies and we’ll give them a try:

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