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Hilton College boys launch “Run for Lives” fundraiser

Charity initiative

Hilton College pupils have started the Run for Lives initiative to raise funds for three charities. Picture: Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

In a bid to raise funds during these challenging times, Hilton College’s boys are taking part in a “Run for Lives” initiative, which will support three communities through the Domino Foundation, Ithemba Projects and Witkoppen Clinic.

This is seen as part of the school community’s efforts to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its hard-hitting socioeconomic impacts.

During May, the broader Hilton College community is encouraged to pledge any amount of money they choose per kilometre that their boy completes. The boys are urged to get friends and family involved to raise as much money as possible.

How they’re doing it?
1) Find sponsorship;
2) Fill out pledge form on HC (Hilton College) app;
3) Download Strava app
4) Create free account
5) Join the “Hilton College Run for Lives Club”;
6) Start running;
7) Tally donations each week and donate to make a difference.

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Congratulations to the pupils on this initiative. Let’s lend the runners our support and help them to help those less fortunate during these unprecedented times.

The amount the boys raise depends on the amount of the pledges and the number of kilometres completed.


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