Hail storm rattles the Midlands

Hail comes down in Notties on Saturday.

It’s been a bumpy ride in the Midlands this week, with rain and thunderstorms culminating in a heavy hail storm that hit Nottingham Road and Rosetta areas, among others, on Saturday afternoon.

As we type this, it’s started to rain hard again.

From “Monkey’s Weddings”, to long drawn-out thunderstorms, rainbows and finally a fierce hail storm that landed on Saturday, it’s been quite a ride.

On social media, locals shared pics of the hail and some of the damage:

Rosetta got a heavy lashing of hail. Picture by Banu Kajee/Facebook
Theresa Ann shared with The Meander Chronicle this pic, also from Rosetta.
After the storm, Notties.
A heavy rain and thunderstorm earlier this week in Nottingham Road.
A pic posted on Facebook by Jacky Jooste of The Midlands Garden Centre in Rosetta.
Pic by Jacky Jooste/Facebook
Pic by Robyn Berry, shared with The Meander Chronicle on Facebook.

A front is moving towards the country, which should impact early next week, reports Storm Report SA.


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