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Grow your Mo!

Next week Movember begins.

This is when men are at liberty to grow their facial hair to show support for mens’ health issues.
Darren Bode – the owner of the retro Bode’s Barber Shop in Hilton is offering gents a chance to participate in the good cause and win. He wants all local gents to grow their moustaches and beards and also donate to a good cause.
Bode said: “Movember is an important event – it means that men get to support other men and also they create a discussion point around their beards and moustaches. Guys who are usually clean shaven may get attention and they have a chance to discuss the campaign and encourage other blokes to participate.

Darren Bode giving a customer the old fashioned treatment - clean cut and shave - but he wants you to grow your Mo.
Darren Bode giving a customer the old fashioned treatment – clean cut and shave – but he wants you to grow your Mo.

“The campaign has been going for a few years but it is always relevant. Breast cancer is a well known issue for women and all women and men support the cause – but men also have health issues that are less publicised.”
The Movember campaign page states that men are likely to die six years earlier than women due to various factors. One of the main factors is their reluctance to get medical help when something is wrong.”
The macho attitude of “cowboys don’t cry” can become a dangerous attitude when it comes to health and detecting disease in the early stages. Bad health habits, stress and a lack of exercise can contribute to the development of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and heart disease and diabetes.”
The old fashioned ambience of Bode’s Barber Shop with its red leather chairs and vintage photographs is a throwback to a time when men lived in simpler times. Bode believes that men should enjoy their visit to the barber and feel comfortable in this testosterone zone.
Bode is asking men to grow their moustaches or beards throughout the month of November and to enter the competition.
To enter the competition you have to take a selfie at the beginning of November and then take a second one on the last day of November showing your hairy trophy. Post these photographs on Bodes Barber Shop facebook page.
Winners will be chosen in three categories: Best Beard, Manly Moustache and Sexy Stubble. The winner will get a bottle of premium whisky, a free beard or moustache shave and a free haircut and a certificate.
For more details go to Bodes Barber Shop:
Or Whatsapp Darren Bode on 0823078128



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