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Fun Run added to Sani Stagger event

Clouds of Hope 5km Fun Run

Funds raised for children’s care centre

The first edition of the Stagger Trail, the trail running branch of the famous Sani Stagger, has joined forces with the local Clouds of Hope Children’s Care Centre to introduce the Clouds of Hope 5km Fun Run on Saturday, November 24.

The Fun Run is geared towards encouraging families in the area to take part in a short 5km run, where all proceeds will go to the Clouds of Hope Children’s Care Centre in Underberg.

Clouds of Hope has been part of the Underberg and Himeville community for 18 years and serves as a centre for orphaned children who have lost parents or been abandoned. It provides these children with food, accommodation as well as education, and currently house 66 children from a few months old to 21 years old.

Clouds of Hope

The fun run is scheduled to start after the main races have finished on the Saturday and people are encouraged to join in as a way to support the work that Clouds does for the children of the community.

“Our biggest challenge is funding, especially the running costs,” Chairman of the Clouds of Hope Board Ian Davies said.

“Just feeding the children on a monthly basis costs us R20 000.

The Clouds of Hope Children’s Care Centre and the Stagger Trail, the trail running arm of the Sani Stagger race, have partnered to offer runners a 5km Clouds of Hope Fun Run on the afternoon of Saturday, November 24 after the main marathon and half marathon races. Picture: Supplied/Gameplan Media

“Our donors are happy to sponsor capital works, as they can see where their money goes, and we are very grateful for this support, but they are nervous about supporting the running costs.

“It’s incredible to have great facilities but the children have to eat, wear shoes, and be transported to school, have books and a warm home for the winter.”


The work that the staff and donors do is crucial in the upliftment and empowerment of these children. The day that they leave the centre with a qualification to go out and find a job and support themselves is the ultimate goal.

“Clouds’ mission is to develop the children entrusted to us into educated young adults who can contribute positively to South Africa’s society and economy.

“We already have several Clouds children making a real success of their lives, having completed a degree or diploma, and out there in the world of work,” Davies added.

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Spurgeon Flemington from Running Man Adventures is excited to give Clouds as much exposure and support as possible.

“We are going to provide them with the route,” he mentioned. “Then they will be responsible for taking entries and running registration.

“From there they will take all the money from entries.

“The money will help, but we think that its exposure that they need and they will have a table at the Sani Stagger registration where they can hand out marketing brochures.

“Hopefully that will be just the exposure that they need!”

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