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From the Pop Up Office in the Midlands

From the Pop Up Office in the Midlands
…stories to go…

(we’re on the move constantly listening out and sharing what’s good in the Midlands!  Who wants to sit in one spot any way … boring.  So we’ll keep in touch from our Pop Up Offices week after week and let you know what story has strolled by while we chat, drink coffee, post stories, do admin, sell advertising space or simply while away time in our favourite spot in the world … the Midlands)

08 March 2017

Pop Up Office for the day eavesdropping strategically

The Upper Millstone, Hilton, Kzn
Coffee and rusk or freshly baked croissants, wifi, barista, baker and conversation maker, the place to meet, with Tuesdays and Thursdays incentivised with extra coffee if you are working there …

The English accents of the two young girls, engaged in conversation with the animated American accent piqued my interest and as it turns out, it turned out to be a delightfully local, and a story full of “feel good”.

As recounted by Paige Queen, an American doing voluntary Missionary work in Mpophomeni, and elsewhere: “ I am one of the volunteer coordinators at Ethembeni Ministries, an NGO based out of Mpophomeni, founded by the Howick Community Church. We work with HIV + folks or TB+ people in the community. We do job training, social work, health education, educational support and Christian discipleship and ministry among the people.

Every Thursday two teams visit Shiyabazali, an informal settlement above Howick Falls. We visit eight people per

Leftover bread from The Upper Millstone doesn’t get wasted. L-R: Baker Josh, Amelia, Franki, Barista Dreyer and Paige with gratefully received bread

team, and offer all of the support mentioned necessary to restore them to health and wholeness in Christ. Frankie and Emilia and I have enjoyed a melt in your mouth fresh chocolate eclair at The Upper Millstone in Hilton. Upper Millstone donates left over unsold bread to us each week to help the people not go to bed with an empty stomach. This improves their nutrition and health as well as giving them some form of encouragement and hope.

Frankie Brand and Emilia Evans are here volunteering with Ethembeni from an organization in the UK called Tearfund for 6 months. They tutor kids needing homework help, and they teach bible stories to the people as well.

Shiyabazeli receives support and care from Ethembeni ministeries









Ethembeni Ministeries: Tel: 033 330 5384
Howick Community Church:
The Upper Millstone:


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