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Fresha Festival Open Air Theatre Durban

Fresha Festival Open Air Theatre Durban

Fresha Festival Open Air Theatre 2018 programme and performance details.
(subject to change)

Opening procession
Friday 19 January, from 5 pm
Join us for an hour of strange and unusual happenings to kick off the festival.

Seeking Asylum
Performance Art
Saturday 20 January at 1 pm
Sunday 21 January at 1 pm

Seeking Asylum

Where the sea meets the land is the place of the stowaway. Who comes in and who leaves? Who gets in and who stays out. What are we seeing and how do we find it? Concept and performance by doung Anwar Jahangeer.


Gerard O
Street comedian
Saturday 20 January at 1.30 pm
Sunday 21 January at 1:30 pm
Gerard Olthaar is an acclaimed Dutch street comedian, and has performed at festivals around the world. When comedy meets the streets, anything can happen!



Abafana Bizarre

Abafana Bizarre

Saturday 20 January at 2 pm
Sunday 21 January at 2 pm
A bizarre and risque take on the traditional gumboot dance … from Wushwini Arts and Heritage Centre. Expect to be surprised!


Coming Home
Satire / physical theatre
Saturday 20 January at 2.30 pm
Sunday 21 January at 2:30 pm
A man arrives off a ship from overseas to find his “motherland”. His encounter with a beachfront security guard leaves thinking that the land of his forefathers is not quite what he expected.

Kitchen Symphony

The Kitchen Symphony
Street Theatre
Saturday 20 January at 3 pm
Sunday 21 January at 3 pm
A new creation by the acclaimed duo of Clinton Marius and Bongani Mbatha: What happens when pots and pans turn into sweet music? Who gets to enjoy what’s on the menu?

Saturday 20 January at 3.30 pm
Sunday 21 January at 3:30 pm
This piece crated by Kristi-Leigh Gresse engages with the fragility of human existence and how this notion has instilled fear in each of us. Everything can end in a split second…. and there is always an end to everything

Stilts in the Street

Stilts in the Street

Slapstick street theatre
Saturday 20 January at 4 pm
Sunday 21 January at 4 pm
When a stilt walker meets a street comedian – anything can happen! A wacky collaboration between Gerard O and Amos Williamz.


Saturday 20 January at 4.30 pm
Sunday 21 January at 4.30 pm
Award-winning choreographer Musa Hlatshwayo has created this metaphorical journey of two black young women who navigate their identity in a society where political ideologies impose standards and expectations around these.


Sundowner Showcases

Sundowner Showcases
Live music with Monday Big Band Jazz
Saturday 20 January at 5 pm
Sunday 21 January at 5 pm
Join us for live music on the Bay of Plenty lawns to dance and watch the sun go down in the company of The Monday Big Band, led by George Mari, which started as a passion-project by local musicians who got together every Monday night to perform standard big band arrangements and original compositions in a local venue just for the love of the music!.

Free, open Dance Classes
Sunday 20 January: 8 am – 9 am: DanceXercise
Sunday 22 January: 8 am – 9 am: Zumba class
No matter how many left feet you have – join us for a fun, free class to get the year started on the right foot (or the left one).

Free Street Theatre Classes

Gerard O

Sunday 20 January and Sunday 22 January: 9 am – 10 am
Join Gerard O for a masterclass in street performance: whether you are an aspiring actor, comedian or just want to entertain yourself – come and explore the mad world of this acclaimed Dutch performer for an hour. Free of charge.



Get Framed!

Get framed!

Durban-based visual artist Leevi Matthews has created a range of gorgeous Fresha Festival Frames for you to come and interact with … come and get yourself noticed on social media!


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