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Forget the rumours – 2021 Dusi is still on

Forget the rumours, say organisers. The 2021 Dusi is definitely on. Picture: Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media

In the wake of the relaxation of the lockdown regulations on access to rivers and dams, paddlers are going into the six weeks before the MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon with confidence after the race bosses confirmed that all systems are in place for the three-day race from March 18 to 20.

There have been a number of different stories circulated around the format of the event and whether it will happen and organisers have felt the need to put all the misinformation to bed.

“This is a time of great uncertainty, and the rumour mill has been churning,” said race committee head Shane le Breton.

“Let us be absolutely clear that the 2021 MyLife Dusi is on,” he said.

“We have put in place numerous plans to make sure the event is staged in a safe and responsible manner, and that we remain fully compliant with all the race protocols,” he pointed out.

Le Breton added that he had great sympathy for the elite athletes, for whom a good Dusi result was a top priority, as the one-month postponement had necessitated changes to their training plans.

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“The top athletes plan their training periodisation to peak for the three days of the Dusi, and to have to roll out those plans by a month has been very difficult,” said Le Breton.

“There will be changes to seeding races and qualifiers, but we have set out to be as flexible as possible to make sure we look after each athlete’s best interests.

“But the important thing is that the MyLife Dusi is 100% on for 18 to 20 March. The dams are full, the rivers are flowing and the famous Dusi buzz is in the air right now.”

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