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Feeling the post-festive season pain?

So, the celebrations of the holidays are over – and most of us are suffering the aftermath of over-indulgence!

Maybe you are considering doing a detox programme of some sort? So here are some considerations.

It all seems like such a marvellous idea at the time… Picture: Rumman Amin on Unsplash

Your body has a built-in detox system that operates on an ongoing basis: your liver breaks down toxins and they are then removed via your digestive system, your kidneys and your skin – as you sweat. But we do tend to put these systems under a great deal of strain at times!

And this is where a detox programme can play a role.

How do these programmes work? Broadly speaking, a detox programme kick-starts the natural cleansing systems by avoiding certain foods so that the body has a chance to get rid of toxins more easily, heal, re-set and once again absorb nutrients more readily from a wholesome diet. And sometimes, you actually lose a few of those unwanted kilos in the process – although detoxing is not meant to be a weight loss programme!

Some of you may be worried about those unwanted centimetres. It’s not the focus of a detox programme but you may lose a few kilos in the process. Picture: Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

The best types of programmes are those that eliminate processed foods, alcohol, sugar, caffeine in favour of a diet of fruits and vegetables, fatty fish or lean beef or chicken breasts, as well a lot of fluids.

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And they also pay attention to exercise, stress reduction and sleep.

Health supporting habits

In other words, it’s a time to focus on health supporting habits rather than abusing the body as we so often do.

And then there are some things that can be done to enhance the process:
• make sure your elimination via the gut is working well
• maybe include some raw garlic to act as a natural antibiotic – but that sounds difficult to do!
• think about repopulating your gut with the kinds of bacteria that support your health rather than those that are antagonistic towards it and your general health.

Detox programmes can be harsh… take advice before you choose one of the many available. Picture: Dominik Martin on Unsplash

Some words of caution. Some detox programmes are very harsh, and continue for too long. So your body is depleted of necessary nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, and you are putting it under great stress. It is true that you might lose quite a bit of weight doing this – but it’s essentially a starvation diet. Not a good idea.

So if you’d like more information about a three-day effective process that ticks all the right boxes, in my opinion, please do get in touch.

*Andre at 084 506 3643 and

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