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Expect more load-shedding, Eskom warns


With the year hitting its peak tourism and entertainment season, many South Africans have digested the news that there will be more load-shedding this week with despair.

Eskom announced on Sunday night that Stage 2 rotational load-shedding would carry on throughout Monday and there is a strong chance that it will continue throughout the week due to a “shortage of capacity”.

Eskom said it had lost additional units on Sunday, resulting in further breakdowns, and that there were significant strains on its water and diesel resources.

The power utility said it would be implementing load-shedding overnight to enable it to replenish water supplies for its pumped storage schemes, which it hopes will help lessen the impact of cuts during the week.

On Twitter, energy sector analyst Chris Yelland tweeted: “The governance complexity of 4 different ministries – Treasury, DMR&E, DPE, COGTA – plus an incapacitated regulator, Nersa, a failing Eskom, & a significantly dysfunctional municipal electricity distribution sector, has left the electricity supply industry paralysed & leaderless.”

City Press tweeted: “Eskom wants consumers to cough up a further R27 billion for electricity. In its latest application to the energy regulator Nersa, Eskom is claiming this as an underrecovery for 2018/19, meaning tariffs may rise by 16.6% next year.”

South Africans are wondering just how much revenue SA businesses are losing as a result of load shedding, while some questioned all the “unplanned breakdowns” the utility is plagued with.


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