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Drakies choir raises its voice for #LightSAred campaign

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A Drakies fan shows his support. Pictures: Supplied

The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir is among thousands of artists, groups, creatives, events organisers and venues that have been devastated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its ramifications.

The school joined many South Africans in supporting the #LightSAred campaign this week.

Drakies choir raises its voice for the #LightSAred campaign.

“Along with the rest of the world’s artists, musicians, events managers, concert venues and promotors, The Drakensberg Boys Choir has suffered a massive blow due to the worldwide pandemic. Seven tours and 68 concerts have been cancelled so far, and there does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel,” the school said.

“The Drakensberg Boys Choir supports the #LightSAred campaign, which aims to create awareness for the events and live performance industry, which has been crippled by the virus outbreak. For more information, click here

The #LightSAred website included the following message: “We refuse to be the forgotten industry. For decades our industry has brought smiles to faces, we’ve provided entertainment with theatre productions, political rallies, sports events, festivals and so much more to SA. We are usually behind the scenes, but we are now standing up to #LightSAred and make our voice heard.”

Please click here to see the Drakensberg Boys Choir’s video submission:

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The school also shared pictures of some of its buildings in red, and fans showing their support.

“The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir realises the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and the devastation it has caused worldwide. We have done everything asked of us as performers and entertainers to curb the spread of the virus and have applied strict lockdown regulations on our campus since mid-March. We have also voiced and continue to voice support for our president, as he deals with the unenviable task of keeping all our citizens safe during this time. View the video here:

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“Our choristers come to our school to sing and perform and they have been impacted as emerging young musicians by the restrictions imposed on the entertainment industry. Our support of the #LightSAred campaign is not to make a political statement but to draw awareness to the effects of the virus, not only on our choir, but other musicians, actors, comedians, and support personnel, all of whom just want to perform live…sometime soon.”

*Please note that all Covid-19 safety precautions and regulations were adhered to in the making of this video.

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