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Dargle Conservancy clean-up gathers steam

Pictures: Dargle Conservancy

The Dargle Conservancy has spent the past few months cleaning up litter and generally beautifying road verges and various other problem points in the area.

In its recent newsletter, the conservancy stated that the project started in the village of Lions River, and has now been extended as far as the gravel road just past the Fort Nottinghman turn-off on the P130 district road.


New road signs have proven effective in informing anyone who travels along the roads so they know where the conservancy is working. Contact details are on the back of the signs should anyone wish to make a contribution to help continue this important work.

And there has been a spin-off for some members of the local community, who have been employed to be a part of this initiative.

The conservancy said many people had started to clean up their own road verges, gardens and areas as a result of the project.

Since the campaign started, volunteers and clearing teams have put in hundreds of hours of work collecting litter and clearing alien invasive plants.

Protecting our upland rivers

Local farmers and property owners have also got stuck in, slashing long grass on the road verges, all out of their own pocket, “and it is great to see more people starting to get more involved. If we don’t all work together, then nobody else is going to do it!”

For more info, or if you want to contribute, email:

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