Crackdown on plastic packaging


Greenies to take on corporates

Greenpeace is embarking on a campaign to place pressure on large companies which “wrap everything in plastic” and deny consumers a choice – thus contributing heavily to the overwhelming pollution problem.

In a statement, a digital communications spokeswoman for Greenpeace Africa, Lerato Tsotetsi, said such corporations were undermining efforts to recycle and limit the proliferation of plastics through their use of single-use plastic packaging.

Tsotetsi said single-use plastics were filling oceans and killing marine life around the globe. It had reached a point where, despite consumers’ best efforts to recycle and avoid plastics use, these were in vain.

“The truth is, we’re human and we do our best to remember to bring our own shopping bags or old plastic bags with us, but every now and then, it slips our mind. We try to recycle and reuse the unnecessary amount of plastic packaging that comes standard with our food. But is this enough? Does recycling and reusing solve the problem?”

Environmental activists believe not.

“This week, we launch our plastics campaign targeted at corporations who choose to produce single-use plastic in the face of a plastic pollution crisis,” the statement read.

“These companies do not give us a choice – does every cucumber really need to be wrapped in plastic?”

According to Greenpeace only 10% of plastic items are recycled, the rest is polluting the environment. Throwing it away and forgetting about it doesn’t help either. “Away is the term used in place of landfills, oceans.”

The campaign kicks off this week.

“Stay tuned for what you can do to demand corporates to #BreakFreeFromPlastic!” it concluded.


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