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Covid updates: Dargle and Greytown

Community relief efforts

Masks donated by Nola Barrett, which are being given out to local communities along with food parcels. Picture: Dargle Conservancy newsletter

The Meander Chronicle is keeping tabs on a number of the initiatives to provide food and other necessities to stressed and needy members of local communities. With many parents currently out of work and kids at home until their classes reopen at school, the need for essentials is overwhelming. School feeding schemes were providing many kids with an absolutely essential meal once a day. More to come on that subject on The Meander Chronicle website and socials later this week.

In the meantime, here are some updates from Dargle and Greytown.

The Dargle Conservancy run “Covid19 Relief Fund” has been a huge benefit to local communities, and the conservancy says it has been overwhelmed with the generous donations received during the lockdown.

Big ‘Thank You’

“So far, the fund has brought in R83 468.13 and we currently have R15 491.01 left to spend on food for vulnerable families. More than 100 families have been taken care of during this time. With no date set in place by government to end the lockdown, these people will require our help for the near future, so we look forward to your continued help and support during this time,” it wrote in a newsletter this week.

The conservancy extended a big “Thank You” to all the donors who recently gave clothing to the Taste Buds Farm Stall. “Some of these bags of clothing were passed on to the Dargle Conservancy, and will be distributed where they are needed.”

Donated dog food being loaded before delivery to the Umngeni SPCA.

In recent weeks, the conservancy also made donations to the uMngeni SPCA to help look after the animals it is housing. The Dargle Conservancy thanked the volunteers for the time, work and effort they have put in. “Here are some images which the Dargle Conservancy treasurer, Lynne Garbutt, shared after she delivered the bags of dog and cat food.” (info – Dargle Conservancy newsletter)

7 mates run ‘Comrades Relay’ to raised Covid-19 relief funds


When Wembley College was investigating the acquisition and expense involved in acquiring sanitising tunnels for the school (amid the coronavirus pandemic), it found the costs prohibitive and that the tunnels could not be made locally.

Lidgetton: Taking ACTION in Isolation

So, they turned to the school’s community for a well built, cost-effective solution.

“The school approached Dieter Meyer (head of the Parents’ Association) and his son Josh Meyer (a Wembley old scholar) to make them, as they were at home at the time due to Covid-19. Dieter and Josh accepted the challenge and, after many different options, settled on the version pictured,” said the school.

Dieter and Josh Meyer designed and constructed these sanitising tunnels for Wembley College. Picture: Supplied

Josh, who did his BSc Agribusiness (Honours), and is now doing his Masters in Applied Economics with a study on Precision Agriculture and Big Data Analysis, said about the project: “I enjoyed working with my dad.”

The cost to the school is substantially less than the original quote and Wembley is grateful for this solution.

*Sanitiser tunnels spray fine liquids to decontaminate surface areas and help create a safe environment. They provide for safe protection and entry into a specific area, especially where people are in fairly close contact.

Time to rev up easing of the lockdown


Umngeni Relief Network posted on May 21 on its Facebook page.

“1672 food parcels left the URN Warehouse today to be delivered to households across the uMngeni Municipality. This will contribute to the food needs of approx. 6600 people this week.

“Due to generous donations we were also able to send out the following with each food parcel:
– 1400 Wonderbags (designed to help conserve energy whilst cooking). Thank you WONDERBAG for all you are doing to help people during this time.
– 1700 polony (1kg). Thank you to the SAMPA for their kind donation.
– 3900l of yoghurt. Thank you to Fairfield Dairy for this generous donation.
– 8 tons of potatoes. Thank you Ivanhoe for your constant support.”

Picture: uMngeni Relief Network/Facebook page

It thanked all the volunteers, donors, local government, NGOs in its network; fieldworkers; truck drivers; and URN team; for their constant work each week to care for the needs of the vulnerable in the community.

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