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Covid-19: They came, they saw, they partied

Save lives, save the economy

Parties and super-spreader events do not help the cause. Picture: Max Titov/Unsplash

By Garth Johnstone

They came, they saw, they partied … now we are in the kak!

Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded Covid-19, and a lack of social distancing, mask wearing and all that jazz.

I’ve read many times that now we are in deep trouble, it’s time for citizens to take responsibility, but, personally, I reckon we’re way past that stage.

The horse has bolted, the virus has seeded itself in many people who will soon be travelling home from hols and spreading it among their communities. Would we have had a second wave anyway, regardless if people had had mega braais, got pissed on the beach, partied at Blue Lagoon, ignored all the regulations? Maybe, but it wouldn’t have been quite so vicious and hospitals and medical staff could have had more time for planning, rotation, perhaps a wee holiday or rest period. We could be starting 2021 on a more solid footing.

President Cyril Ramaphosa this week lashed the nation for poor behaviour and urged citizens to abide by the rules. Picture: Matt Seymour on Unsplash

Now we have a full-on assault and this virus is claiming hundreds of lives a day. Let’s be clear, while many who have died had underlying health issues, it is not normal to lose 497, or 250, 336, 320, lives in a day to illness. More than 150 in one province and more than 100 in KZN in a day

Consider this from Dr Glenda Gray, president of the Medical Research Council: “As long as the virus is circulating, there will be variation … we need to understand that when this wave is over, there is going to be a third and fourth wave.” But, she said, this cycle is in our hands. (as reported by Claire Keeton on the website TimesLIVE.

A health worker suited up to care for Covid-19 patients. Picture: Mufid Majnun/Unsplash

We have to face facts that this thing is now with us for the long term, and we have to adjust our behaviour and ABIDE BY THE RULES. Have a jol, have a drink (or a tea or coffee), talk to your pals and family members … but do it in limited numbers, do it outside, wear a mask wherever possible. It’s not that hard dude!

Saving lives and saving the economy are deeply intertwined and they both come back to abiding by the rules set out by our government.

We are social creatures, but need to adjust our behaviour to deal with this crisis. Picture: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

The biggest fear is that another, different virus, could emerge, and we begin the cycle all over again or end up facing two viruses at once. Scientists believe this a very real possibility.

Chew on that one as you plan for a better, more safe and prosperous 2021. Do the basics right and look after your health and that of your loved ones. Let’s all pull together. All the best. – Editor

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