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Conservancy helps FreeMe ward off winter chills

Pictures: Dargle Conservancy.

The Dargle Conservancy is proud of its efforts to provide ceiling insulation for FreeMe in Howick, ensuring the facility stays warmer in winter and nice and cool in summer.

An email newsletter circulated by the organisation stated that that the ceiling insulation at FreeMe in Howick had been completed, “thanks to the quick work provided by ‘Intact Insulation’ with their ‘Thermguard’ product”.

Preparing the product to be pumped into the ceiling.

“We would like to thank all the Dargle Conservancy members as well as outside donors who continue to support our organisation, which allows us to provide support to our local communities with great projects such as this,” the conservancy said.

Dargle community relief efforts

It thanked those who work and volunteer at FreeMe, who do an amazing job to look after sick and injured wildlife – “so the Dargle Conservancy thought it only fitting that we should help to keep both the people and the animals warm, as their facility was not insulated. Thankfully the job was completed just before the cold weather arrived!”

A more comfortable winter for all on the way.


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