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Cold, snow and stormy weather hits SA

Picture: File image on Unsplash

The SA Weather Service issued a statement warning of cold, stormy weather, with the chance of up to 10cm of snow this week.

Snow is expected on the Drakensberg from Tuesday.

The cold front was expected to hit the Cape from Monday, spreading gradually eastward and affecting the Midlands late on Monday and on Tuesday.

Picture taken in the area around Afriski Resort in Lesotho by Martin Schultz and posted on the Snow Report SA Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

It was caused, said the Weather Service, by a weather system called a cut-off low pressure, a deep, closed low pressure that is “displaced equatorward of the main westerly flow”.

Because much of the ground in the interior and eastern regions is already saturated by recent rains, there is a risk of localised flooding of low-lying areas and bridges.

There was a good chance of severe thunderstorms, hail and damaging winds.

Up to 40mm, or 50mm, of rain was predicted in some places in the interior.

This will be the second snowfall this year, after snow fell on parts of the Drakensberg earlier this month.

Last weekend the Midlands was hit by a dramatic hailstorm. The area also recorded more than 100mm of rain over a week.

***Reminder: Under the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, the public is not allowed to travel to view snow.

A hailstorm hit the Midlands on Saturday. Picture: Garth Johnstone


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