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Chance of snow on the Berg early next week

While we’ve all been distracted by ‘Rona… new exercise routines, baking bread, online meditation classes, learning how to make tapestries etc, the cold weather has sneaked in and staked its claim.

The local gas store is suddenly doing a robust trade as Midlands peeps – perhaps sipping on an infusion or two to calm Covid-frayed nerves, hunker down and adjust to the blast of cold air from the mountains.

With cooler weather predicted for the Easter weekend – which will add authenticity for those following Splashy Fen’s Lockdown Live – there’s even been a prediction of a chance of snow on the Berg.

Snow Report SA, on its Facebook page, says sub-zero temperatures are expected at higher elevations over parts of the country.

“Possible snowfall is also on the horizon for the tail-end of the Easter weekend, and at the moment it’s way more than just a dusting!”

Read Snow Report’s full forecast and view the map at:

“At this point the data indicates the possibility of as much as 15cm [updated] of snow falling on the high peaks in eastern Lesotho and the northern, central and southern Drakensberg peaks between 13 and 15 April,” Snow Report says on its website.

Its latest webcam images from the top of Sani Pass show all clear for now, although it certainly looks pretty fresh up there.

*** In case it needs to be stated people, under the lockdown regulations you’re not allowed to get in your car and go look for snow!

SA Weather Service predicts cool weather in Mooi River today, warming up on Saturday and Sunday before plunging to a rainy day on Monday with a max of just 17C. In Howick it will warm up to about 29C on Saturday and Sunday before taking a dive on Monday, with a minimum of 13C and max of 18C.

Underberg is cold on Thursday but then warms up over the rest of the weekend, until Monday.


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