Attention Midlands farmers!

How did your family's farming nickname come about? Picture: Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

The Cockburn family, formerly of Richmond, is gathering information on the Zulu/Xhosa nicknames of farming forebears, and maybe your own, if you have one.

The project encompasses the Midlands and Southern KwaZulu-Natal, the idea being to record these for the sake of posterity in a coffee table type book and on a website, lest they fade and are forgotten, and cease to be available to future generations.

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If you would like to contribute a Zulu or Xhosa nickname to the project, we would love to hear about your memories and some info on how these names came about. Please log on to the website here and enter your email address:

Once you’ve entered your email address, you will shortly receive a simple questionnaire.

Alternatively, send an email directly to:


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