A’s the word! St Charles Grade 12s ace exams

AS Level examinations

Left to right, the top three St Charles College boys, who each achieved six distinctions – Hugo Rennings, Jaimé Gous and Kyran Otto. Picture: Saysha Baker

The past two years have been extremely complicated for learning, as schools attempted to navigate closures, absenteeism, online learning, ever changing rules and regulations, and in a few cases, unmotivated pupils. Under these circumstances, one could be forgiven for accepting academic results which fell short of the “norm”; however, St Charles College in PMB has continued to strive for excellence.

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Boasting a 100% pass rate for the class of 2020, along with numerous new academic records, the school has continued to raise the bar. The results released by Cambridge for the June 2021 examination series proved that hard work, commitment, and a staff who are not willing to compromise academic standards will result in exceptional standards being maintained.

The June examination series saw A Level stream candidates write their AS Level examinations before moving on to their A2 courses. This, demanding programme, expects the pupils to write their final AS Level examinations a full six months before their counterparts at other schools. Despite this, and the stringent requirements of the Cambridge curriculum, they excelled.

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Of the 24 candidates who wrote their full AS Level package, 92 A symbols were achieved across 11 subjects. Eighteen candidates achieved an overall average higher than 80%. Twenty-five of the senior pupils have already achieved their bachelors passes, which means they can gain final acceptance into university three months before other South African students have even written their final examinations. The top 4 candidates all achieved averages of more than 90% and the top mathematician 99% in his final examination, losing a single mark across two papers.


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