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April schools news

Laddsworth Primary Grade 1 and 2 boys

Laddsworth Primary Grade 1 and 2 boys enjoyed the first mini soccer festival of the year at Howick Preparatory School on Tuesday, April 16. Laddsworth fielded 8 teams, achieving positive results. The Grade 1s won 6 matches, drew 5 and lost 2. The Grade 2s won 8, drew 2 and lost 2 matches.

Pictured top, left to right: Grade 2s in action, Joshua Vurovecz, Masande Maduna, Jett Bartels, Thakasa Nxele and Bryn Horsley. Picture: Supplied

St Charles College first XI Hockey side.

St Charles had seven sports teams on tour around the country during the recent holidays. They flew the school’s flag with pride, playing 29 matches (winning 18, losing 9 and drawing 2).

The school was pleased to receive reports of exemplary manners and behaviour off the field, and great play on the field.

Pictured, the Saints 1st XI Hockey team at the Independent Schools Hockey Festival. Picture: Veronica Du Plessis

Oasis Prep celebrated the beginning of the Easter Weekend with an Easter Egg Hunt. Picture: Supplied

Matthew Martin, left, and Joshua Fincham. Picture: Supplied

Grade 6 Merchiston Prep boys (left) enjoyed discussing their favourite recipes recently. Some of the boys shared their prepared dishes with other boys and staff.

Community cares

Ronel Barber, a Wembley College parent, came up with a great idea for “old school clothing”.

Old school uniforms can be problematic to give away to charity because the clothes are branded with a school badge. Ronel came up with a clever idea that allows the school to distribute uniforms to children in need of clothing as part of the “Wembley Cares” community initiative.

Ronel said, “I had a bag of old clothes and I was not sure what to do with them. I was not comfortable with the idea of throwing away good clothes that someone else could wear. The iron-on-label is an inexpensive way to turn old Wembley uniforms into play clothes.”

Ronel Barber, with school clothing and an iron-on-label.

With some help from a graphic designer, Ronal designed a reasonably priced iron-on-label that can cover the school badge. The iron-on label says, “Ubuntu” (compassion and humanity) and the emblem is a heart. Picture: Supplied

More KZN Midlands schools news

In the picture: (back) Isa Dunlop (WKS), Hannah Meyer (NHP), Mieke Olivier (WKS); (front) Tessa Dunlop (WKS), Tori Swan (NHP).

Girls from Wartburg, left, were among those who competed in a gymnastics competition in Pietermaritzburg and made it through into the team to represent the Umgungundlovu District in the KZN Qualifier next month. These girls form the Wartburg Gymnastics Team and attend two schools in the area, namely Wartburg Kirchdorf School (WKS) and New Hanover Preparatory (NHP). They meet weekly in the Wartburg Kirchdorf School Indoor Centre to train. Congratulations girls!

Laddsworth Primary Grade 3 pupils have been learning about the various food groups and healthy food options. They were tasked with preparing a healthy snack, had to explain which food groups were represented and discuss their nutritional value. The pupils created some very interesting healthy snacks for their orals.

Right: Laddsworth Grade 3 Inala Ndlovu with healthy fruit snacks. Picture: Supplied


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