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Turn on the radio: MeanderFM is coming

The station will feature news and views about the Midlands, playing classic tracks from the 60s to 90s and beyond. Picture: Eric Nopanen

Guess what, people, the Midlands has its very own radio station and soon it’s going to be on full blast.

That’s right, MeanderFM has been test broadcasting since early 2020, playing great music from the 60s to 90s and beyond, and featuring local adverts and content to support the area.

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The streaming platform covers the entire Midlands, including Pietermaritzburg and smaller towns outside Greytown, Clarens and Van Reenen, for example.

The Meanderfm team. Picture: Supplied

“Our aim is to support and advertise local businesses, tell their stories and cover and communicate events in the Midlands and surrounds. We will be sharing only good news and are looking forward to working with local businesses and organisations to make everyone aware of what is happening in our area. With the Midlands being a high-demand holiday destination, MeanderFM will also be an informative platform for visitors who choose to tune in or visit our website,” say those behind the venture.

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“At times we have reached more than 8,000 listeners a month around the world, of which about 2,000 were from South Africa, with KZN taking 40% of that. This with no official advertising of the station or station launch, just word of mouth. Our 13-member team is a mix of young, energetic contributors and not-so-young experienced ones.”

The full live service is expected online by the end of May or early in June, say the organisers. Picture: Michal Franczak on Unsplash

The station, which plans to officially launch at the end of May, beginning of June, is currently offering pre-launch promotional advertising rates, but promises affordable ones once its official rates kick in.
“Our advertising rates will be truly affordable, even for the smallest business, to allow everyone to have a voice on MeanderFM. Included in our rates is space on our website, with active links to businesses,” the organisers say.

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