Wonderbag – simply a Food Hero

Sometimes, simple things are completely wondrous. Like the Wonderbag, for instance.

While the fabulously coloured shwe shwe creations so popular right now are new, the concept isn’t. Remember Hay Boxes and hot bags? Cooking in flasks and Heb coolers? The idea is exactly the same, but somehow food prepared in a gorgeous, plump green and red bag (or purple or turquoise) seems lot more special than a polystyrene box lined with old towels. Of course, the real point is saving energy, but a dash of style never did the green cause any harm.

So once you have stopped admiring your latest kitchen gadget, you need to use it. Ideal for soups and stews, rice, beans and curries – food that usually cooks long and slow. Prepare your dish as you would on the stove top, add less liquid than usual as none is lost during cooking, bring to the boil and after a few minutes (you will learn how to judge the right amount of time – longer for chicken, less for a veggie curry), pop the lid on and place into the Wonderbag on top of a dishcloth, put the cushion over the pot, draw up the sides and tie closed.

Now you can go off dancing or gardening or out for tea without having to think about supper, worry about food burning or overcooking. Perfect for people who get distracted while making the family meal and have to disguise the burnt bits, or those who have more enthusiasm for cooking in the morning, rather than the evening. It retains heat for up to 12 hours – fabulous to come home to a warm meal perfectly cooked. Another bonus is keeping food warm until you need it – great for parties – and they look wonderfully celebratory all lined up with pots inside them.

The energy savings are enormous. For people without access to electricity, the benefits in terms of time and money are incredible too. Girls can go to school rather than collect wood, women can do other activities rather than making fire and watching food cook all day, there is less smoke inside homes and the financial benefits of buying less fuel are obvious. There is a huge positive impact on deforestation in less developed places. It’s not that hard to imagine actually – Wonderbag is saving the planet one supper at a time.


Food Hero Wonderbag (Supplied)