The Windmills Ultrastop with East Coast Radio’s breakfast host Darren Maule

When East Coast Radio’s breakfast host Darren Maule told his listeners that the toilets at The Windmills Ultrastop, located on Nottingham road along the N3, are the cleanest in South Africa, he was put to the challenge and asked to prove his claim by eating his breakfast off the men’s room floor.

“I’m a great fan of not being all about talk and no action,” says Maule. “The only way to answer the challenge was to show that I meant what I said by doing something radical – and eating my breakfast off the restroom floor felt like the right thing to do. I wouldn’t do it anywhere else but at The Windmills Ultrastop, that’s how certain I am that its restrooms have the cleanest toilets I’ve ever visited.”

Offering a Country Kitchen restaurant with fresh filter coffee, a convenience shop and the cleanest restrooms in town (if not in South Africa), The Windmills Ultrastop offers visitors to KwaZulu Natal the perfect respite from their journey. “It’s the best place to stop – even if you don’t want to eat off the floor,” concludes Maule.

Windmills Ultrastop Orrin Cottle and Darren Maule ECR

Orrin Cottle of The Windmills Ultrastop with Darren Maule from East Coast Radio.