Wildlands to benefit from Eight Mile Club

Midmar-to-benfit-wildlands-ed148-jan15The Wildlands Conservation Trust will benefit yet again from the selfless generosity of Stan Kozlowski, as the 11th aQuellé Midmar Mile’s Eight Mile Club takes to the water on the 7th and 8th of February 2015.

The Eight Mile Club is made up of 50 swimmers who will attempt all eight events at the 2015 aQuellé Midmar Mile each raising R 10000.00 for their chosen charity. Kozlowski has clocked up more than 100 miles– more than any other individual, and swam his first eight miles to raise money for the Wildlands Conservation Trust in 2001. This event requires a tremendous personal commitment from participants. Stan, who not only trains for months in advance to have the stamina to complete in this event , also makes time for other activities fundraising for the Wildlands’ Rhino initiatives.

As the rhino poaching crisis intensifies, it becomes more and more difficult to protect our rhino. Somkhanda Game Reserve, a reserve run and owned by the local community in partnership with Wildlands, has invested in a number of strategies to safeguard their rhino; including improved security on the reserve, ensuring regular aerial patrols, fitting all rhino with GPS tracking technologies, and supporting the intensive monitoring of the rhino population.

The key to the success of protecting our rhino and our heritage will lie in the dedication of EVERYONE in doing their part. We ask for your help in supporting Stan in raising funds towards saving our Rhino. Proceeds will be donated to Wildlands Conservation Trust for their Project Rhino initiatives. All donations will receive a tax-deductable certificate for their contribution no matter how big or small. Please contact Gayle on 083 573 7517 or email GayleR@wildlands.co.za . Also watch out for the Wildlands Swimmers who are supporting this cause by swimming in green costumes