But we’ve always done it that Way

Words that strike fear and terror in my heart – just ask any of our team how to get the hairs on my neck to stand up !

The beauty of this wonderful country we live in, is that opportunity abounds at every turn, if one is open to it. Opportunity is coming out of the woodwork! That said however, I did promise my wife Belinda that I would focus on what I know, and to use my qualification in the construction industry to best advantage. I have been known in the past to run off after every opportunity, resulting in my being a master of none.

I guess, put simply, it’s whether one looks at the glass half full, or half empty, that determines one’s outlook. Whether you are previously advantaged or disadvantaged, we South Africans are very quick to make excuses as to why we are where we are in our lives, because of circumstances, and to find someone or something else to blame for this.

As all the Success gurus, will tell you, that is simply not tue. The busck stops with you. You can be who you want to be. You can reach the goals you set for yourself, and, my favourite, you are where you are, because that’s exactly where you want to be! This hurts, if you allow yourself to believe it.

The problem of course, is that we fail to set those goals, and we fail to commit to pursuing them in small steps, until that goal is reached. It is far easier to give up when the going gets tough. We accept where we find ourselves, and point fingers elsewhere. The point of my story then is that we seem to be stuck in the matrix (one of my all-time favourite movies), controlled by our surroundings, following the crowd, doing what everyone else is doing, doing it how we have always done it. We are stuck!

That is why, at Cost2Build we like to think outside of the box, to create a different approach to construction, to break the mould. When we declare that we can build for up to 10% less than anyone else out there, we are met with an array of reactions, mostly disbelief to the point where some potential clients would rather pay the additional costs, for fear of the “unknown”, and would rather follow the well-travelled road because that’s the way “it’s always been done”. It takes a live fish to swim upstream, so when you are ready to explore the possibilities, we are here for you.

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