WESSA and Groen Sebenza: Leading in biodiversity skills development

On the 3rd June WESSA welcomed 48 interns to its offices across South Africa as part of one of the biggest conservation capacity building investments the country has ever seen.

The Groen Sebenza Jobs Fund Partnership Project is a major skills development and job creation pilot programme that is aimed at developing priority skills in the biodiversity sector and to create sustainable job opportunities for unemployed youth.

WESSA is one of 32 environmental or biodiversity organisations, from all tiers of government, NGO and private sectors, who have joined Green Matter and SANBI to help implement the Groen Sebenza project. Financial support has been provided by the Southern African Development Bank and the project will involve the hosting of 500 graduate and 300 matriculant interns around the country over the next two and a half years. The project will offer them a significant opportunity to develop their environmental skills in the work-place.

As an NGO WESSA has spearheaded environmental education and conservation in South Africa for the past 87 years.  WESSA has a strong track record of delivering authoritative, holistic and pragmatic environmental interventions by working in strategic partnerships such as this one.

Groen Sebenza is a high-impact project that is expected to make a significant contribution towards South Africa’s quest for more sustainable living. WESSA believes that the Groen Sebenza initiative is a unique human capacity building initiative which will transform the environmental sector.  The organisation is proud to be hosting young dynamic graduates who will be the future custodians of our environment.