Water Explorer Schools

Water Explorer graphic for WESSA article ed151 apr15Become a Water Explorer School and make every drop count!

WESSA Eco-Schools is proud to have been chosen as the implementation partner for the new International Water Explorer programme in South Africa. This fun and inspiring online initiative also supports the national curriculum and compliments the Eco-schools programme, although schools don’t have to be eco-schools to participate. The project is free for any school wishing to participate, schools can register at:www.waterexplorer.org

Already 180 schools countrywide have signed up. If your school is an eco-school you can utilise the Water Explorer framework to earn your award for 2015 as well as earn points for your school and potentially win lots of prizes too. Schools earn points as they complete a variety of ‘water challenges’ and through their efforts to manage their water more wisely will have the opportunity to win many appropriate prizes to assist them in achieving their water goals.

Some of our local schools like Hilton Montessori have already been completing challenges around the Fresher Water Mission and have learned about wetlands and the importance of biodiversity as an indicator of water quality.
Mpophomeni Enviro Club known as the Mighty Mpop Water Savers are coming in 4th place in the programme nationally and have run a community workshop in Mpophomeni on water related issues in conjunction with other partners such as DUCT and Midlands conservancies as part of their ‘water challenges’.
Cowan House has experienced first hand water issues this year with water shortages, so Water Explorer came at an appropriate time. The grade 7’s have adopted “Water” as their theme and are the “custodians of water” at the school. They have learned about the importance of water and, importantly, how to “Save every drop”. They have all pledged to make water savings personally and designed posters, reminding everyone “make every drop count”. They have also been very active in rehabilitating their wetland which stores and purifies water for free.

Some of their top tips for saving water include:
Get a Jojo tank for outdoor usage.
Put a bucket under the shower, and use the water for flushing toilets.
Check washers in your taps.
Check connections in your hose pipe.
Run a 2 minute, not a 10 minute shower!
Use a broom, not a hose pipe to clean drive ways and side walks.

Every month a Water Explorer school will be chosen as a ‘school of the month’ and will win a canon camera. By June, 15 of the best Water Explorer teams in South Africa will win a Water Festival and prize money toward their water projects.

The top 5 schools in SA are in line to win a further R5000 each toward their water projects. And finally the top school in South Africa will attend the World Water Expo in Italy along with the other 10 winning schools from the other Water Explorer countries in October 2015
For more information see www.waterexplorer.org or contact bridget@wessa.co.za