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So many young children in our country (our future engineers, doctors, teachers) spend most of their days in a barren room and an empty, dusty play area, as the high cost of educational toys makes them unavailable to crèches and schools with limited financial resources. Children who should be actively learning through play are restricted to reciting the alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year – meaningless repetition in hope that they will “pass” Grade 1.

The team at Singakwenza knows how vitally important it is for children, especially those under the age of 5, to have as many opportunities to learn through play as possible in order to build and maximize their brain potential, and has therefore has developed a large number of toys and teaching aids made purely from recycling. The educator only needs a pair of sharp scissors and a marker pen and she will be able to get all the rest of the materials needed to provide an educational, fun-filled classroom for the children in her care – from the bin! Bread bags become skipping ropes, polystyrene vegetable trays become puzzles, yoghurt containers become shape sorters and margarine containers become cars.

Singakwenza runs a whole series of these workshops, which teach caregivers how to make a variety of toys and what skills each toy develops. The participants are involved in a hands-on, fun, learning experience and they take home numerous “toys” that they have made for their children to play with. And if the toy breaks, it is easy (and free!) to make another one. These workshops are run in isiZulu and in English, so if you would like to organize one for your community, or sponsor one in a needy community, please contact us on info@singakwenza.co.za. Help us to make a difference!