Warm winter tops for township dog lovers

Funda Nenja

Funda Nenja, the organisation which strives to promote the human-canine bond in previously-disadvantaged communities and care for dogs, held its annual Winter Warmth Drive recently.

Through the help of generous donors the children looking after their animals were each given a warm fleecy top.

This year, after a plea on Facebook for donations towards the Winter Warmth Drive, Funda Nenja was blown away by the generosity of its supporters.

Funda Nenja grows stronger

It expressed its gratitude to the major donor, NCT Forestry, and to all the others who offered their support. Special thanks went to Glynn and Jean Harborth, of Hilton and Howick Rotary, for their involvement and for sourcing a supplier who was willing to provide the tops at a reasonable price.

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Every child involved went home with a quality top to help keep them warm this winter.

About Funda Nenja – The Funda Nenja model aims to nurture children to become caring and responsible young adults while at the same time opening up possibilities for their self-development.

The dogs are used to teach these principles and in so doing creates the bond between child and dog. By using the training technique, they learn discipline and respect when interacting with parents, teachers, people of different cultures and their environment.

The programme is delivered in a safe and secure environment using the dog training technique, it is a fun event that draws over 100 children each week to interact and learn from each other. (Info via Funda Nenja website)

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