Your vote, Your voice

My father voted for the first time the month I was born 1994. Many young people born after our first democratic election are able to vote for the first time this year. Some are excited that they will get a chance to choose the party that they believe will deliver and meet their needs for the next five years.

The national IEC statistics show that more women than men have registered to vote this year. In my community young men are voting, mostly for change. They are tired of corruption and tired of politicians that seem to focus on their own positions rather than the needs of the people.

After registering to vote, Wandile Sthole (20) commented ”Voting is not a duty but it is a choice that comes from within. I am desperate for change in my area. If I do not vote it means I do not have a say in anything that is happening in my country, The main reason why I am voting is because I am sick of this road – it is getting worse day by day. Cars cannot drive up when it is raining, it is so slippery. I wish to buy a car of my dreams but the problem is where will I drive it because this road is very bad”.

Wandile adds ”If only the Economic Freedom Fighters could win the elections, then change will come not only in my area but for the whole country. Companies and mining will be controlled by the government and the profits will benefit our country, so the economy will improve. I am not forced to choose a part. Iit is my choice, and it is my vote.”

I remember my father liked Lucky Dube. Many things have changed in the past 20 years in South Africa, but people still love Lucky Dube because of his good music. If only politicians could do their jobs just like Lucky Dube making good music, then the whole country would vote.

Nkululeko is fascinated by photography and film, and loves to capture stories that colour his life in and around kwaMpumuza. “I love it here. The hills are beautiful and green, there is space to walk, cows everywhere and the people are so friendly”. His passion for nature is infectious and has the potential to influence others to care about environmental issues.