World Book Day is an internationally recognised event!

It is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, it’s a celebration of reading! The 23rd of April is not only a significant day in the world of literature, but it also happens to be the day on which a great master of literature, William Shakespeare, was born and died.

Children and teachers at New Hanover Prep celebrated this important event by dressing up as their favourite book characters. They also spent a lesson outdoors reading their favourite books.
NHP World Book Day 1 ed128 MayWendy Guy (dressed up as ) reads aloud to Amy Scheuer (dressed up as Spongebob Squarepants)
NHP World Book Day pic 2 web May Ryan Dobeyn (dressed up as Sherlock Holms) and Cuan Malyon (dressed up as Tin-tin).
NHP World Book Day pic 3 ed128 MayThe entire staff also got involved in dressing up as a book character to celebrate ‘World book day’ and to encourage the learners to read different books. John Love (dressed as Professor Poopypants from the Captain Underpants series) and Headmaster James Hough (dressed up as James and the Giant Peach from the Roald Dahl classic book.)