Treverton Prep visit Siqalo Crèche

Two days before the start of the July school holidays Treverton Prep’s Grade 6 visited the Siqalo Crèche in Bruntville, Mooi River. For the class, it was a unique experience. The crèche is situated in the small home of a Bruntville woman. Seventy small children are cared for at the school.

The object of the children’s visit was to hand over money they had raised from a book swap they had held earlier in the term. The crèche is keen to raise sufficient money to buy a photocopier. During their two-hour visit, the crèche children sang and danced for their visitors and the Prep pupils reciprocated by teaching them games and nursery rhymes.

At the end of the visit, a Grade 6 made an interesting observation: “It was lots of fun even though there was a language barrier, and we had an enjoyable day!

Treverton Outreach Siqalo Creche ed142 jul14

Some Treverton Grade 6 learners with a group of children at Bruntville’s Siqalo Crèche.