Tintswalo Rhino Extreme Campaign makes every day Rhino Day

Latest statistics released by the Department of Environmental Affairs reveal that 688 rhinos have been poached since the beginning of 2013 in South Africa. Further, the Kruger National Park still holds the highest amount of killings with 418 recorded rhino deaths.

While government works with its partners in combating the severity of poaching, other private entities and anti-rhino poaching initiatives are also working hard to meet the continuous challenges being presented in dealing with the crisis. Thanks to the joint efforts of government and these initiatives, 219 alleged rhino poachers have been arrested in South Africa since the start of 2013.

It was in this spirit of assistance that Tintswalo Safari Lodge has come to form the Tintswalo Rhino Extreme Campaign (TREC) to increase awareness of the massacre of the rhino population in Southern Africa. TREC simultaneously offers support to those field rangers on the ground protecting rhinos from poachers in the nearby Manyeleti Game Reserve.

Tintswalo Lodges has further voiced their support for the depleting rhino population by wearing black on Rhino Day. Tintswalo’s portfolio of lodges took pictures of their staff’s participation at its various lodges in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and uploaded it to Tintswalo’s social media platforms to share their good spirit with South Africans.

Further, as part of the TREC campaign Fritz Breytenbach, head ranger of Tintswalo Safari Lodge, completed a strenuous 1 000km walk to raise further awareness of the rhino massacre.

“The walk has been an interesting journey filled with magnificent animal encounters, including rhino. I consider myself to be fortunate to have encountered these majestic beasts in the midst of the struggle they are facing. We have already had more rhino killings this year than previously and the most concerning part is reports are stating that there is the expectation that rhino deaths could increase by a further 50% before the end of the year,” said Breytenbach.

Breytenbach continued his walk well beyond the initial 1,000km he committed to, traveling to surrounding communities of the Manyeleti Game Reserve to raise awareness and educate residents of the cruel realities of poaching and the affect it will have on the species’ future survival if not actively contested. Furthermore, TREC has advocated for rhino preservation in the media and on social media platforms since its establishment in May 2013, gaining followers from all around the world.

The dedicated ranger reiterated that initiatives such as TREC need the public’s support. “We can start up a thousand initiatives to save the rhino population from extinction but in the end the success of all these projects depends on the support it receives from the public and the communities around game reserves that rely on tourism support. It is only through knowledge and awareness that we will be able to save the rhino from extinction. We will therefore continue to ask our publics to support initiatives such as TREC to ensure that our children and their children are able to see and experience these majestic animals in real life instead of just recognising them as a specie on the extinct list.”

For more information about how you can become a TREC supporter or sponsor, contact TREC directly on +27 15 793 9015 or email them at trec@safari.tintswalo.com. If you would like to sponsor the campaign contact gepa@tintswalo.com or call 011 300 8700.



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