Thirty Second World and The Bushman Winter Has Come

BOOK REVIEW Thirty Second World

Discussing a friend’s new Kindle the other day, I asked how does she know which books she would like to read on it if she can’t physically pick up a book, look at the cover, read the blurb on the back and squizz through the pages to see if it is the book she really wants to read.

The reply I received was that she relies very much on the reviews she reads in various publications. This made me realise how important it is for reviewers to give an honest and unbiased opinion of the books that land on our desk. This is not always an easy task as there are so very many different likes and dislikes in not only the subject matter, but in the styles of writing too.
I also wondered about Book Clubs – are they going to become Kindle Clubs? There is as much variety in the tastes of reading matter amongst book clubs as there are books available.

THIRTY SECOND WORLD by Emma van der Viet is a fun, fast-moving exposé of the advertising industry in South Africa. Having spent 10 years working in film production, Emma van der Viet is well qualified to write about the pressures, joys and disappointments of this fascinating, but very demanding industry. Using two main characters – Alison who appears, or tries to be, the superwoman, and Beth who is new and naive but wants to impress, the reader has a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors in the commercial world.
The style of writing is easy, and though there is a lot of use of the ‘F’ word, this does help portray the characters that use it. A good read and a happy choice for book clubs.

THE BUSHMAN WINTER HAS COME : A True Story of The Last Band of /Gwikwe Bushmen on the Great Sand Face by Paul John Myburg is a book to return to once having read it, a book to keep on a nearby shelf with easy access to it, for this beautifully written true story of exodus of the last Bushman as they head into the modern world, will touch many heartstrings.
Paul John Myburgh spent seven years with the ‘People of the Great Sand Face’ and twenty-eight years of searching and learning about the lives and wisdoms of the /Gwikwe. With his eloquent style of writing, his sincere love and admiration for these people and his acceptance of their ways, he does bring one to question our own ideas of civilisation and culture.
As Paul John Myburgh says “there was more to being a man than just dreams and physical endeavour”. Only a man passionate about his subject could have written with such honesty, exposing not only the beliefs of those he writes about, but his own inner soul as well.
Both books are newly published by Penguin.

Thirty Second World by Emma van der Viet – ISBN 978-0-14-353068-8
The Bushman Winter Has Come by Paul John Myburgh -ISBN 978-0-14-353066-4