The Wildlands Recycled PC Project proudly supported by Unilever


Communications Intern at Wildlands, Zandile Masikane being assisted by her Mentor, Siphindile Moloi, while doing work on her “Recycled PC” from Unilever.

At the beginning of June 45 laptops, 50 desktop computers and 3 printers were dropped off at the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s head office in Hilton by global consumer goods giant, Unilever. This forms part of the “Wildlands Recycled PC Project” which was pioneered by Unilever in their vision to double the size of their business whilst simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact.

Every year Unilever South Africa has a great deal of computer equipment that needs to be updated and replaced. These old machines would ordinarily be responsibly discarded however; as most of this equipment is still in working order it was decided to partner with environmental NPO, Wildlands Conservation Trust to find new homes for them. Unilever has had a long-standing partnership with Wildlands dating back to 1999 to support communities with livelihood projects in areas where Unilever operates.

“The timing could not have been more perfect,” commented Dr Andrew Venter, CEO at Wildlands. “We recently employed 38 interns, through the Jobs Fund Partnership Project co-ordinated by SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute), which aims to develop skills and bridge the gap between education and job opportunities in the biodiversity sector,” said Venter, “and this meant we had 38 new employees to find computers for,” he added. “Unilever came to our rescue as at an NPO budget challenges are always a concern. We were also able to provide the remaining desktops to a local disadvantaged school. ”

Gillian Duckworth, Unilever’s IT Manager for Africa Supply Chain said the FMCG giant was delighted to be working with a responsible partner that can assist the company with halving its environmental impact, while increasing its positive social footprint. “It is important to take care of our environment and put all these crucial assets which are still in good working condition to good use,” said Duckworth.

“If I did not have a computer to work on it would be next to impossible to do 80% of my work,” commented Communications Intern at Wildlands, Zandile Masikane. “We are all grateful for the support of donors such as Unilever, as without them our productivity and efficiency to do the amazing work that we do, would dwindle,” concluded Masikane.