The Midlands Meander celebrates 30 years of unique arts and crafts

The Midlands Meander celebrates 30 years of unique arts and crafts at The Hilton Arts Festival

It was a handful of artists and crafters who formed the Midlands Meander in 1985. Thirty years on, the Midlands Meander is a thriving tourism route (the oldest in South Africa!) with some of the best home-grown arts and crafts in the country. For the second year running, the Midlands Meander Experience at The Hilton Arts Festival will bring a taste of this unique, hand-crafted work to festival-goers.
Visitors to the Hilton College Art Block from 18-20 September can look forward to creative workshops, gallery space, live demos by the artists themselves, and a host of high-quality crafts born on the Midlands Meander.
The gallery space, curated by the esteemed Trayci Tompkins of Zulu-Lulu, will play host to Trayci’s statements ceramics, Astrid Dahl’s organic clay pieces inspired by leaf, flower and seed capsule shapes, a celebration of two decades of quality workmanship from The Goodwin Foundry with a collection of beautiful bronze sculptures, as well as the iconic Nguni paintings from Midlands Meander newcomer Cindy Powell.
The legendary, local leatherwork of Groundcover Leather Company and Tsonga Shoes & Bags will be available for purchase, along with Peter’s Gate Herbal Centre’s plants and all-natural products such as creams, essential oils, soaps, organic pickles and jams.
The work of two participants of the Midlands Meander Emerging Artist/Crafter Project will be showcased at the festival. Siyabonga Duma and the Impumelelo Bead Artists were nominated by members of the Midlands Meander and were chosen by a selection committee of established Midlands Meander artists and crafters.

Viewing the masters at work is made possible by Guy Sterling from Sterling’s Wrought Iron and Barbara McGrath’s Dragonfire beads, who will be giving a ‘behind-the-scenes’ demonstration of their craft.
If you want to get your own hands-on creative experience, the stained glass and pottery specialists from Aladdin’s-De-Light Studio will be sharing their wealth of experience with various practical workshops.
And when it’s time for the perfect pick-me up, the award-winning Terbodore Coffee Roasters stand serves up the tastiest roasted coffee in the Midlands.

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