The Meander Chronicle September Edition is out

The Meander Chronicle September Edition is out

And the September edition is out there ...

And the September edition is out there …

Hello Midlands readers,

Why do we do this? Caroline and I ask ourselves that question quite frequently, especially after a particularly hectic month of covering stories/events/visiting places/doing necessary but loathsome admin/selling selling selling…when times are tough, but good news abounds!

The fact is – we are driven by passion, and an absolute belief that many things ARE good in our ‘hood. Our passion for the Midlands and the stories is contains help us cast a forgiving eye on the often “it’s a wild west out there” sentiment …

Relax and enjoy the contents of this edition. You’ll notice that our story to advertising ratio is completely cock-eyed! But hey … we’re still mastering the art of NOT sharing so much good news, so we live in hope that we can continue to get a hardcopy out for perhaps another 13 years. In the meantime please don’t forget about which has had a little makeover..and we’re rather happy with the result.

We’ve already started with our Christmas wish list: we’re making it easy …. “All we want for Christmas is a community-spirited advertising base”. Without advertising we can’t spread the good news…and sometimes it’s not about selling a product, it’s about belief in a community and that much quoted spirit of “Ubuntu”.

Phillippa and Caroline