The June Meander Chronicle is out & ready to read…

The June Meander Chronicle is out & ready to read…

Dear Readers,

frontpageAs we head towards the end of June, we have the thought of the winter holidays ahead of us where the Midlands is buzzing with activity again, despite the frosty brown landscape. The beauty of living where we do is that the action never stops … it just wears different colours!
Our front page piece says so much to us this month… It’s symbolic of the importance of Youth Day which we celebrated recently. In the context of Youth day it’s the young people who are our hope and with the joyful front page pic we hope that you can feel some of this hope, despite the tensions that currently fill many pages of the dailies at the moment. Our two schools pages (and we could fill at least six more with their contributions) are all true stories of a productive and hope-filled Youth.
There’s so much happening – find a fire, at home or one of our wonderful restaurants or coffee shops, order your favourite hot drink and start filling your diary. The Ashburton Aloe Festival, the Creighton Aloe and Train Festival, the Mandela Marathon, hockey and cricket festivals, Mtb rides, Midlands Conservancies walks …..take your pick. Not just in the hardcopy, but online at where the good stuff just keeps coming.
Keep warm and happy holidays
Phillippa and Caroline

The things we hear, and why we love what we do:
The loss of the tooth fairy represented the loss of my last benefit of being white in an apartheid society
At a Durban Filmmart presentation by GG Alcock, author of Kasinomics, African Informal Economies and the People who inhabit them: an insightful book showcasing a number of groundbreaking and successful case studies of marketing in the invisible world of the informal economic sector.

“You don’t have to worry to babysit us blacks. We’re doing ok thank you.
Comedian and actor Loyiso Gola at the World Premiere of Wonderboy for President, at the Durban International Film Festival, in retort to a critical, comment by a South African film director during the post-movie question and answer session.

And I’m not saying get out of here. I’m just saying, know what’s going on”,
Dawie Roodt at a Business Breakfast outlining the current state of the SA Economy.