The Hilton Community Security initiative (HCSi)

The Hilton Community Security initiative (HCSi), commonly known as the ‘Bobbies’, was implemented several years ago, as a project of the Hilton Community Policing Forum (HCPF), due to the unacceptably high levels of serious residential crime at the time.

The initiative operates under their auspices for practical and legal reasons and was established with the aim of providing a pro-active and visible crime deterrent and observation program. This has subsequently proved to be effective in dramatically reducing crime. A separate Forum was also established to specifically deal with community security issues. The HCPF includes a representative of this Forum on their core committee.

Currently the program, which is funded by contributing members, covers seven designated areas within Greater Hilton and consists of regular patrols in the different areas by Residential Guards on bicycles. They are supported by a dedicated Patrol vehicle manned by a Supervisor who is in radio contact with the bicycle patrols. The initiative is further supported by the service provider having an Armed Reaction Vehicle based in Hilton (at no cost to the community) as additional back up should circumstances warrant it. Vehicle patrols are controlled centrally from the service providers operations control room, and are used to target specific areas where problems arise. Further area specific measures such as fencing off access routes used by criminals and warning signs have been introduced to deter crime.

Residents who subscribe receive a weekly crime update report by e-mail. In addition members receive crime alerts via SMS, when a serious incident occurs. Other media channels such as a Community Police Forum page on the website and a Facebook page are also used to keep residents informed about the project, criminal activity and crime trends as well as crime prevention measures. “Like” us on Facebook to ensure you receive regular updates. For more information contact Dale Van Ryneveld on 076 790 6311 or