The Gay & Lesbian Network Tribute to Nelson Mandela

The Gay & Lesbian Network is saddened by the passing of our great leader Nelson Mandela. He stood for everything that we are striving for and which is espoused in the South African Constitution which he and all negotiators fought for. His strength and commitment to democracy and human rights has made our beloved country strong but there is still a long way to go to ensuring that we are truly free from gender based violence, discrimination and hatred. It is our resolve and commitment to continue where he left off and to work tirelessly for what he stood for. We love you Madiba and your light will continue to shine through our deeds.

The Gay & Lesbian Network will be having a street parade as part of the Pink Mynah festival on Saturday 14 December at 10am at Freedom Square and proceed to Royal Showgrounds. We will start with a minute silence in respect of Nelson Mandela and end off with the national anthem before we start with the procession.