A Very Successful Vula Careers Day

Nthuthu Khumalo, Gugu Zuma and Jessica Dreamtime.cropped. JPG

Nthuthu Khumalo, Gugu Zuma and Jessica Dreamtime at the Vula careers day.

The Midlands Meander Association Education Project (MMAEP) was invited to a really well organised Careers Day, hosted by the Vula Programme – Hilton College’s educational outreach and community support initiative. The intention of the day is to expose the learners to a wide range of career options and study possibilities. There was something for everyone – NGOs, forestry, agriculture, banks, government, industry and fashion design.

500 enthusiastic Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Science learners from local schools, swooped into the hall after introductory talks by University of KZN, Durban University of Technology and the FET College and began asking plenty of questions. What is your stand about? What do I need to study if I want to do your kind of work? Where do I go to study this?

We asked questions in return like: What school are you from, what are you interested in and what would you like to study? Most of the replies included “I’m not sure yet, I’m still deciding.” However there were a few learners who knew exactly what they wanted to be – quite a few engineers, a couple of artists and doctors, lots of drama enthusiasts, one or two people interested forestry.

Some stalls hosted competitions and asked students to fill in questionnaires. This caused quite a stir as learners huddled together consulting each other for the correct answers and then leaps of joy and shrieks of laughter when the prize winners were announced.
It was great to be a part of this programme. For MMAEP it highlighted the value of and the need for students to start discussing and learning about different careers before they are in their last year of high school. Choosing a career is a major decision and learners need all the knowledge, guidance and advice they can get.

Jessica Dreamtime, Project Coordinator of MMAEP “I went to wash my hands and left my cell phone behind on the sink. After frantically searching my bag I ran back to the ablutions, to find them empty. I asked the first two girls I saw and they said “Oh, we found two cell phones and we have handed them in.” I thanked them for their honesty and gratefully reclaimed my phone. What a relief, and how wonderful that these students were so honest! This gives one great hope for the future of our country.”

Congratulations to Vula for organising such a valuable event. www.vulaprogramme.com