St Andrews Church Restored

St Andrew's Church RestoredOnce a beloved community Anglican church dating back to it’s consecration in 1906, St Andrew’s has been saved from disuse through insightful restoration and transformation by custodians Jennifer and Paul Hindle, and is now a “heavenly place to dwell”.

A labour of love, and truckloads of faith, Jennifer and Paul Hindle reopened the Gothic doors of St Andrews Church on the 10th of march 2013 to guests who visited the property.

“When we offered ourselves as custodians of this century old church, we realised that we had taken on quite a responsibility, what we did not realise was it’s magnificence. As we have explored the history and worked within it’s solid walls, we have come to understand a bit of the passion that went into planting this church.”

We stand humbly before the founders who had the vision, who donated the land, who designed, who funded, who built stone by stone, who crafted arched ceilings and stained glass windows of incomparable beauty to collectively toil and raise up from the ground a formidable building that can hold its own in the landscape of the foothills of the Giant.

We too have come to love St Andrew’s as must the families, scholars, clergy who loyally supported and maintained St Andrews church over the past century.

Changing times and the falling away of services at St Andrew’s have kept the doors locked and the heavenly place inaccessible for too long. We have in good faith opened the beautiful wooden Gothic doors of St Andrew’s and invite you in to celebrate in the gifts and talents of those that gave so passionately and once again make visible the glory of this building as they intended.” Jennifer Hindle.

The church echoes the design of the church in Kent in the United Kingdom, the birthplace of Percy Simmons, a prominent farmer in the area who was a central character in the building of the church.

St Andrew’s is set on two acres of land donated by John Evan Oates.

The church is built of sandstone, laid over two years by Mr Nelson and his sons of Hlatikulu.

The woodwork was the handcraft of the carpentry instructor at Weenen County College, Mr JD Owen.

The round stained glass window above the altar was added in 1907 in memory of Mr & Mrs Thomson of Weenen County College, both closely associated with the church building efforts.

Visit the Web site: or contact the custodians: Paul and Jennifer Hindle on 083 376 0150 or the caretaker: Rudi Mgubane on 073 203 5821.