Singakwenza – Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is a well thought-out awareness of things in the space around us, and it also deals with the awareness of our body’s position in space. It is such a basic thing to have, but it helps us to solve the most complex of problems. Without spatial awareness, we would not be able to walk up to the refrigerator, open the door, pour some milk in a glass and drink it, as we need to know where each of the parts of our body are in relation to each of the items we are trying to control. It goes without saying that developing your spatial awareness is of crucial importance in sports and games, and when we read and write, spatial awareness helps us distinguish between words on the page and see the letters in correct relation to each other.

Physical activities like crawling, skipping, climbing, throwing, catching, balancing, etc are all great ways of helping a young child to develop spatial awareness. The children in this photo are pretending to be horses galloping around and jumping over the “log” made of yoghurt containers. A fun activity to try is to let your child drive a toy car along a “road” made of masking tape which goes under chairs, around tables and between furniture.

Singakwenza Education and Health is able to implement many of these types of activities in the crèches they are assisting thanks to generous sponsorship from the N3 Toll Concession. See for more information.