Screaming is FREE!


N3 Gateway team on platform ready to launch!

The enticing video footage suggested “screaming is for free” – this prompted me to wonder if I, and my fellow adventures from N3Gateway, were going to survive this team building exercise. However, while a guide was buckling me up, I caught a glimpse of a reassuring newspaper article stating that a 90 year old woman had accomplished it. So possibly, we’d be ok.

Hanging like a spider in my harness near the platform edge, a jarring “go” sent me sliding over the canopy of the indigenous Karkloof forest below. As the speed increased, my tears evaporated and my stress was left on the first platform. My teammates followed and we huddled on platform two overlooking the vistas of the Midlands. The views instilled some calm wisdom and the adrenalin rush gave us new zest for life. We laughed and clowned as we traversed the remaining eight cable slides. Our wobbly legs carried us back to base for a light lunch and exuberant recollections of the experience. We realised that we had forgotten to laugh in our everyday working spheres and to have fun doing our amazing jobs. I dare others to discover your team’s or family’s connection by getting in touch with nature through this truly uplifting experience. Leave the fears, frills and prejudice at home and simply live in the moment on the Karkloof Canopy Tour. It is an experience of a lifetime and should feature on everyone’s ‘bucket list’!
Written by Elsa Human


Andy Visser (N3TC) in the swing of things!