Save our acacias

Dear Editor,

This weekend I posted this on facebook with some photos:
Our town maintenance crew (Municipality) & Roads Dept is doing it again! Cutting down the few remaining majestic Paperbark Acacias to widen the road, that is only to become another bottleneck as it reaches central Howick. How about fixing up the pot-holed roads we do have for a start and addressing the decade long issue of pumping sewerage into the river?! Or How about preserving some of the little biodiversity and beauty we do still have in Howick? In exasperation-desperation, today I tied these ribbons around them…

I felt much better that afternoon, after the water workshop I attended which Eco-Schools and DUCT were running for some of our Eco-School learners at Umgeni valley. These well spoken, informed and passionate young people reminded me that we cannot do this alone and although our small protest wont save these trees, it might start to get through I now have posted this!
Very proud of our Eco-School kids from Injoloba, Uthambo, Shea O’Conner and others who rallied together this weekend and added some statements to the yellow ribbons we tied to try and safe guard the felling of these magnificent and, now not so common paperbark acacias, to widen a road!
Nothing like seeing messages from the local youth – take heed municipality!

Bridget Ringdahl
Eco-Warrior and Howick Resident

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