Saturday Spring Lamb

So this month, as it’s getting warmer and warmer, aswell as greener and greener. I decided to go and visit the Shongweni Farmer’s Market in Assegay and see what I could find in the way of a tasty Spring dish sourced seasonally from the local suppliers. I think I did alright, the market was bustling with folk of all ages. I found beautiful organic vegetables, local free range lamb, rustic homemade cheese and fabulous potato and herb bread. So I prepared my version of these ingredients for my mom and I, together with some fresh rosemary from my garden and of course, heaps of love and passion. Delicious, you really want to take advantage of the season right now, have a look at what I ended up choosing, here we go.

Vegetables – Bovida Organic Farm, Camperdown
Red Shallots
Golden Beetroot
Small Sweet Potatoes
Small Carrots
Whole Garlic
Meat – Kelmscott Country Lamb, Curry’s Post
Free Range Lamb Chops
Bread – Maddison’s Bakery, Durban
Potato and Herb Mozambican Style Bread
Cheese – Chrissie’s Country Cheeses, Eston
Rainbow Nation Handcrafted Cheese

What I did with it all:
• Wash, clean and peel the kohlrabi, beetroots and carrots. Leave the sweet potatoes as they are, just give them a good wash. Same with the shallots.
• I roughly chopped up the beetroot, kohlrabi and the shallots. The rest of the veg I left whole, just break up the garlic cloves with your hands and add them into the mix. Tossed all together with some Olive oil, rock salt, cracked black pepper. Into the oven at 180 d celcius, about 20 – 30 min’s. Mix them every 10 min’s or so. Don’t forget the rosemary, just break up into the mix for flavour.
• Using a griddle pan, I seasoned the lamb chops with rock salt and cracked black pepper. Keeping it real simple, just pan fried the chops until juicy and nicely browned. You can see they had a decent amount of fat on to and were thick cut.
• After that I sliced up thick pieces of the bread. I toasted the bread in the pan where the chops had been grilled. I did smear a little garlic into the bread before toasting. It just took up all the juices from the lamb and got nice and crispy.
• Lastly, I sliced some of the strong scented rainbow cheese and placed it on the top of the toasted bread. Placed the bread lightly on top of the roasted vegetables for a minute until the cheese melted.
• I served this altogether to celebrate a simple, yet tasty little ‘Symphony of Spring’. It was divine

If you want hear about the rest of the market and other traders that I met during the morning, check out my blog ‘Cooking with Gregg’ at

Hope you enjoyed the recipe, have a beautiful ‘Spring in your Step’ filled month.

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