Saffers Spread Midlands Goodwill

We do so love it when one of our Midlands people choose to take on a challenge and it hits the headlines! Sally Pereira, Curry’s Post resident, and owner of that uber chic Country Company store in Nottingham Road, did just that recently and in her inimitable style did it for her country.

Patriotically shouting it out loud in SA colours, Sally took on the London Marathon in April 2014, after 11 months of training both along the dirt, and semi-tarred roads of Curry’s Post and other glamorous spot in SA (that podometer worked overtime in Cape Town). With the support of husband Carlos, and enthusiastic backing of daughters Rebecca and Rachel, Sally conquered the 42.2kms with a very respectable time, and was featured on the back pages of the Saffers paper in London.

Says Sally, “What an incredible experience to tick that Marathon off my list. I was lucky enough to combine the run with a 3 week holiday in the UK, catching up with dear friends, goddaughters, family and new friends. With many things ticked off my wish list I would like to thank everyone who supported me all the way – whether it was via facebook, or on the road or being there to pick up the pieces when I was getting myself Marathon ready. The benefits of living in a small country community know no bounds.”

Sally Perreira takes on London Marathon pic 2 ed140 may14

Sally Perreira takes on London Marathon.